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CRANNS VD14 304 Stainless Steel Ultra Strong Disc Lock Alarm Bluetooth Antivol Moto Bloque Disque Alarme SRA

CRANNS VD14 304 Stainless Steel Ultra Strong Disc Lock Alarm Bluetooth Antivol Moto Bloque Disque Alarme SRA

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Please note: This product does NOT send alerts to your phone. The Smartphone connected CRANNS App allows you to control your alarm settings only.

CRANNS VD14 disc lock, with a strong 14mm locking pin, provides extra security and protection. It is one of the best-performing disc locks, double the performance of a heavy-duty chain.

Made out of stainless steel body and core, it adds to the life of the lock. It stands against harsh weather and protects the lock from rusting. 

With a large solid locking pin, it is the best choice to prevent theft or the commonly used lock-picking practices. It provides complete resistance to hammer attacks, pry bars, angle grinders, bolt croppers, and cable cutters.

The CRANNS VD14 disc lock is easily portable because of its small size and average weight. It can be carried in a rucksack or stored in panniers. 

We have a Classe SRA certification that guarantees the reliability and high security of the locks.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy-to-use safety mechanism, then CRANNS VD 14 disc lock is the one for you!

  • Ultra High Security 304 Stainless-Steel Mono-Bloc Body
  • 14mm Double Locking with Carbide Rod
  • 120 dB Alarm
  • Smartphone control - Volumn, Sensativity, Alarm Timing, On/Off
  • Mobile OTA (over-the-air) firmware updatable.
  • Link with the accessories device ready. (Mobile Alerts Device coming soon)
  • Leight Weight: 614g / 1.35 lbs
  • 1,000 mAH CR2 Lithium Battery with 6-8 months lifespan (life may short depends on usage.)

Packing included:

  1. CRANNS Lock x 1
  2. Keys x 3
  3. CR2 3V Battery x 1
  4. M2.5 Allen key x 1
  5. M3x8 mm Hex Cap Screw x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Little


Theodore B Hasse

Much heavier than I thought it would be.


My motorcycle was almost stolen again, but this time they didn't succeed. I reside in downtown Jacksonville, Florida and have a strong affection for my motorcycle. However, there is always someone attempting to steal it. People claim that it's simply the way things are - they can obstruct progress and transport it away effortlessly. I want to continue riding despite the visibility issue. This lock is the first one that managed to stop them.

Joby DeMers
The lock was really damaged but the bike was still there

Some one has tried to still my motorcycle again but for the first time did not get it. I live downtown jacksonville Florida I love my motorcycle but some one is always trying to take ithem from me. People say that is just how it is, they can put a barr through the wheels and put in a truck and gone. I do not want to quit ridding because of thevis. I want to stop them and for the first time this lock did.

Rudolph graddy
Rudy G

Great product ,, would purchase another ,,, soon